What Topics Does Live Again Cover?


Each 30-minute session covers crucial issues in divorce recovery and features women's stories along with a licensed counselor's practical advice to provide a roadmap to healing.

Session 1: Reality Check: Acceptance

There are few things in life more devastating and earth shattering than going through a divorce. Some women knew it was coming, making it no less painful. Others felt like they were hit by an oncoming train that came out of nowhere. This session focuses on how to survive the shock and trauma of this painful experience. The reality of a divorce is both overwhelming and unimaginable. It's so hard to process the idea you are no longer married. This session will help women move beyond the unbelief and despair of what they are facing and find not only acceptance but also hope through Jesus.

Session 2: Forgiveness

It's been said that not forgiving another person is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. Refusing to forgive is a neverending battle that leads to bitterness and keeps divorced women in bondage to anger and resentment. When deep hurt happens, it takes significant energy, along with God's supernatural power and love, to choose forgiveness. This session focuses on one of the most difficult struggles for women of divorce; forgiveness — not only toward the other person, but also themselves.

Session 3: The Loneliness Giant

The agony of being alone and the accompanying feelings of loneliness haunt many women in the midst of divorce. Moments like these are almost unbearable: like sitting alone at church, sitting alone at dinner or sitting alone at home when everyone else is out enjoying themselves. This session helps women cope with the Giant of Loneliness and encourages them to trust Jesus to help them slay that giant.

Session 4: The Real Enemy: Lies Women Believe

Women struggle with destructive thoughts: "You're not worthy." "No one will ever want you." "Look how low you've fallen." "What reason do you have to live?" This session focuses on a woman's vulnerability, how they can stand against the evil one's plot and how they can learn confidence in the assurance they are precious and have value in the eyes of God.

Session 5: Respect Yourself

Divorce shatters a woman's world and crushes her sense of regard toward herself. This time of vulnerability, when she feels so low, can cause her to be swept off her feet by the first man who pays attention to her. This session helps each woman learn how to better care for herself and protect herself from predators. She will be given hope to recover her self-respect and find her identity in Christ.

Session 6: Sexless and Single: Sex and Dating

Our brains are hardwired from birth to need intimacy. Expert Christian authors Dr. Catherine Hart Weber (Secrets of Eve: Understanding the Secrets of Female Sexuality) and Dr. Tim Alan Gardner (Sacred Sex) use biblical principles to provide counsel, insight and the parameters concerning God-given sexuality.

Session 7: Beyond Shame and Guilt

It is common for women of divorce to become overwhelmed by shame and guilt, which distances them from God and diverts them from following God's purpose for them. Dale Dunnewold, counselor and president of Grace Ministries, who has counseled hundreds of women, guides viewers on the path from shame and guilt to joy and confidence in the Lord through understanding His ever-available mercies, grace and forgiveness.

Session 8: Discovering a Whole New You

God is in the business of creating something wonderful out of the ashes of our lives. Four women tell their stories of moving from brokenness to wholeness. Each woman will discover that no matter how devastating her life story, when she allows God to rebuild the pieces, He will tenderly show her who she is in Christ. She will live...She will love...She will laugh...again.

Each of the eight sessions has a 30-minute video (a 15-minute life story of hope, followed by a 15-minute segment with a licensed counselor for practical advice) and topics for discussion or journaling.

Experts and licensed counselors include:

Dr. Tim Alan Gardner, Director of Life Skills Counseling Center, CEO & President of Marriage Ministries, Inc., Dallas, TX

Dr. Catherine Hart Weber, Director at Hart Institute, Pasadena, CA

Dale Dunnewold, president Grace Ministries, Nashville, TN

Paige Corley Henderson, co-founder, speaker, Fellowship of the Sword Ministries

Georgia Shaffer, licensed counselor, author, certified life coach, professional speaker

Sharon Kay Ball, licensed counselor in private practice

Live Again is Unique – it's also perfect for church or support groups
  • For women only. It addresses the issues from a woman's perspective and avoids the issues that can occur in co-ed groups.
  • Short, accessible sessions. Each session has two 15-minute segments. The first is one woman's story of hope and healing. The second is the expert's insights and biblical principles. There are natural places to break for discussion, sharing and prayer. (Other divorce recovery videos last an hour and don't allow flexibility for interaction and prayer.)
  • Easy-to-lead. No training or specialized staff is needed. Both the expert guidance and the step-by-step Leader Guide provide confidence to volunteer leaders.
  • Flexible. It can be used in a divorce recovery ministry, offered in a group setting, used in counseling or used as a tool provided to women for their personal use at home.
  • Affordable. It fits any budget. Knowing that your budget is continually being stretched the Live Again series has been provided for you in ways that make it easy on the budget.

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